When Shannon Purser‘s Barb went missing on ‘Stranger Things‘ it really felt as if the town didn’t take notice though in a recent interview, actors Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), and Noah Schnapp (Will) share what they felt actually happened. Of course, these thoughts are just their own theories as they aren’t privy or aren’t saying how it gets addressed in the upcoming second season.

Honestly, for the most park, it was because the story wasn’t about her.

According to Matarazzo :

“A lot of people will message me: ‘Why didn’t you guys look for Barb?’ [Our characters] didn’t focus on looking for Barb because we didn’t really know her. She was just Mike’s sister’s friend. We didn’t really know her, we were looking for our best friend.

I think they did [look for Barb], but the show, it focused on Will. So I think they did have a funeral for her, I think they did have search parties [and] investigations on her disappearance, but they didn’t show it in the story.”

McLaughlin chimed in that Natalia Dyer’s Nancy did make a point to look for Barb and even mentioned that she had brought it up to the authorities though he added that “I don’t think everyone noticed that.”

While Shannon clearly didn’t survive the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ there is always the chance that we could see her pop up again -at least that’s what Matarazzo hopes:

“We’re hoping that Shannon makes an appearance in season 2, because we love Shannon. She’s great. Fingers crossed for Barb.”

In all honestly, it really makes sense for her not to have been the main focus. As we mostly followed the kids around in the series as well as Will’s brother and mother, the focus truly was all about Will. When Nancy did speak up she mentioned Barb but her character wasn’t the narrative of the show. Hell, even Sheriff Jim Hopper didn’t seem all that interested in her fate from what we saw on screen.

Are you looking forward to the second season of ‘Stranger Things’? Do you feel that we’ll get “Justice for Barb” or any further references fo her character? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Entertainment Weekly

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