Netflix’s groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed animated series ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’, from Dreamworks Animation, is getting ready for one final battle.  The show’s fifth and last season will be released on May 15, and the streaming service has unleashed a trailer that captures the ominous tone of the new episodes.

In the fourth season, it appeared that Adora had permanently lost access to the powers of She-Ra, after her mystic sword was shattered.  Meanwhile two of her one-time best friends, Catra and Glimmer have been isolated aboard Horde Prime’s interdimensional ship.  Moreso even than Adora, Catra has struggled to find her place throughout the run of the series, as she has found herself betrayed by nearly everyone around her, including Adora.  (At least from Catra’s perspective.)  And the once carefree Glimmer has also suffered the devastating loss of her mother, Angella.

According to the series’ creator and showrunner, Noelle Stevenson:

“Horde Prime has no space in his empire for individuality; everything needs to be a reflection of his own ego.  Characters like Glimmer and Catra, who have been striving for self-individuation this whole time, to be told that ‘you’re both cogs in this machine and will be used to flatten the universe and make everything uniform,’ I think that’s the most horrifying thing they’ve been confronted with.”

Things look bleak.  The new trailer is set to a new, slower and more ominous version of the show’s theme song ‘Warriors’ (sung by AJ Michalka, the voice of Catra), there is nary a glimpse of She-Ra, and there are even a few shots that might hint that the Princess crew may not all make it to the end of the series!

If you can be strong and brave, check out the trailer below:

Here are two posters that Netflix released back in mid-March to announce the upcoming final season:


The fifth and final season of ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ will be available on Netflix on May 15.


Source: EW