She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power
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The show may be called ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’, but other than She-Ra herself, the most important character may not be a princess at all, but Catra (AJ Michalka).  Even though Catra and Adora were raised in the same manner, Adora eventually saw the Horde for the evil conquerors they are and turned against them.  Catra, on the other hand, has used Adora’s absence to move up the Horde ladder.


Geena Davis is joining the voice cast of Season Three as Huntara.  Now prepare to meet another new menace, Tung-Lashor.  Before you laugh, is that really worse than “Castaspella” or “Netossa?”  Jake Eberle, who previously voiced Norwyn in the episode “Light Spinner” provides the voice of Tung-Lashor, a character that was introduced late in the ’80s ‘Masters of the Universe’ toy line… so late that Filmation had already completed production on the cartoon series.  So in order to promote the toy, Tung-Lashor made his animated debut on companion series ‘She-Ra: Princess of Power’ as a member of the Evil Horde, as opposed to the group the toy was marketed as a part of– the Snake Men.

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So depending on the continuity, Tung-Lashor is either a ‘He-Man’ or ‘She-Ra’ villain.  And according to Noelle Stevenson, the creator of the modern ‘She-Ra’ series, there are more nods to ‘Masters of the Universe’ in the pipeline.

“There are plenty of [elements of Masters of the Universe] coming up.  The show is only just getting started, so stay tuned. There are some things on the horizon.”

Check out the newest iteration of Tung-Lashor as he confronts Catra in the clip below:


Don’t get your hopes up of seeing Adora’s brother, Adam/He-Man.  Stevenson has already nixed any idea of him showing up.

One big thing that is no longer on the horizon, but is long overdue, is the accompanying ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ toy line from Mattel, which was revealed at SDCC and is now showing up at Target stores:


As for the animated adventures, ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ zips back to Netflix for its third season on Friday, August 2.