Parts of a sloppy jewelry heist are caught on film, though both of the perpetrators identities are obscured.  There is a break in the case the following day when Aaron, the younger of the thieves, turns up dead by a nasty hit-and-run… which, of course, appears to be murder rather than an accident.  This matter quickly becomes personal for Detective Martinez, when it turns out the victim had ties with her deceased husband, who dealt with the criminal in his role as a district attorney.

Aaron’s wife confides with Jo in her interview, claiming Aaron had a change of heart since his dealings with Jo’s husband and that there would have to be some deeper reason for his being part of this scheme.

Her advice leads them to a Diego Rodriguez, but their attempt to bring him in for questioning leads to a shoot-out that leaves Jo’s partner with a gunshot wound to the arm and Diego dead.  Henry’s investigation of Diego’s body is when things become more interesting.  Henry finds some of the stolen diamonds lodged inside the organs of the deceased and quickly deduces they were swallowed in order to hide them.  But the more important fact relates to the quality of the diamonds, or more so, the lack of quality.  These particular gems were next to worthless and it turns out, worth more stolen.

While Jo deals with the emotional trauma of dealing with a case concerning her husband, Henry recalls time he spent in prison with a wrongly accused priest, and how the man helped him and believed in him when no one else would.  This insight leads to Henry discovering that another detective by the name of Dunn is actually the brains behind this robbery scheme and has Jo in his sights.  With Henry’s quick intervention Detective Martinez is able to escape danger with only a few cuts and scrapes.

Through danger and loss, Henry and Jo grow closer — though Adam still lurks in the shadows, threatening to disrupt their little slice of happiness at any moment.