Disney – Warner Brothers

While a lot of movies are seeing their release dates shifted back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, James Gunn assures that his next two projects are evolving right on schedule.  ‘The Suicide Squad’ for Warner Brothers has finished filming and is in post-production and Gunn confirmed that he and his crew are working on it from their homes.  As for his next Marvel movie for Disney, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’, it wasn’t in production yet.  In fact, it isn’t set to go into production until Gunn has completely finished his work on ‘The Suicide Squad’.

The director made these declarations via Twitter this weekend.

‘The Suicide Squad’ always had a strangely large gap between its scheduled production and its release date.  It started filming last year and wrapped at the end of February.  It isn’t scheduled to open until August 6, 2021.  That’s more than a year.  More than likely, Gunn will have time to completely finish ‘The Suicide Squad’ and begin working on ‘Guardians 3’ before the first movie even comes out.

‘Guardians 3’ doesn’t have a release date yet.  It isn’t part of Marvel’s Phase 4, which was recently pushed back due to the coronavirus.  And while it is expected to be part of Phase 5, that hasn’t been officially locked in.  Disney has only scheduled two Phase 5 movies– ‘Black Panther 2’ on May 6, 2022, and ‘Captain Marvel 2’ on July 8, 2022.

Which of these two James Gunn movies are you most excited about?