While most Hollywood productions are shut down for the time being, behind the scenes, things on The CW’s upcoming ‘Superman & Lois’ continue to progress.  The series has cast Emmanuelle Chriqui in the role of Lana Lang, Clark Kent’s high school girlfriend.  In this new version, Lana is still a resident of Smallville and works as a bank loan officer at Smallville Bank.  She is married to a fireman named Kyle Cushing, but he has a dark side– alcoholism.  Lana has also been through the wringer and a year prior to the start of the series, she attempted to take her own life.  Lana and Kyle have two daughters, Sarah and Sophie.  According to early reports, Sarah is described as being 14 years old, and Sophie is 8.

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Those ages may not be accurate, as Clark and Lois were described as having twin 13-year-old sons, Jonathan and Jordan, but the actors cast to play them are older.  Jordan Elsass, who is playing Jonathan, is 18, and Alex Garfin/Jordan is 16-17 (approximately, his birthdate is not publically disclosed).  If Sarah will be interacting with them, she will most likely be older than 14, and closer to their ages.

Todd Helbing (‘The Flash’) wrote the pilot and acts as an executive producer alongside Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Geoff Johns.  Tyler Hoechlin stars as Superman/Clark Kent, with Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane.  Both originated their roles on ‘Supergirl’ and the other CW DC Universe shows.  Dylan Walsh will portray Lois’ father, General Sam Lane.

Chriqui recently co-starred with Mark-Paul Gosselaar on the FOX series ‘The Passage’ and appeared in the Netflix movie ‘The Knight Before Christmas’.  Among her other TV series roles have been Lorelei Martins on ‘The Mentalist’, Veronica on ‘Cleaners’, Raffi Veracruz on ‘Murder in the First’, and Gina on ‘Shut Eye’, but she may be best remembered for playing E’s girlfriend Sloan on HBO’s ‘Entourage’.  She is also a prolific voice actor, having performed Cheetara on the 2011 reboot of ‘ThunderCats’, and Paige on ‘TRON: Uprising’.  She previously had another DC role, voicing Sapphire Stagg on ‘Beware the Batman’.

Kristin Kreuk famously portrayed Lana on ‘Smallville’.  The character has also been played in live-action by Diane Sherry (‘Superman: The Movie’), Annette O’Toole (‘Superman III’), Stacy Haiduk (the ’90s ‘Superboy’ series), Emily Procter (‘Lois & Clark’), Jadin Gould (‘Man of Steel’), and Emily Peterson (‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’).

With Hollywood (and most of the rest of the world) shut down, it remains to be seen when ‘Superman & Lois’ will begin production.  It had been ordered with an eye on it debuting this fall, but we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, what do you think of Emmanuelle Chriqui playing Lana Lang?


Source: Deadline