Marc Guggenheim
Eugene Powers /

Arrow‘ launched what The CW is today with the “Arrowverse” and after eight seasons it has come to an end. Now, Marc Guggenheim is sharing how it all came together. Entertainingly enough, he calls the episode “an unconventional series finale by its very nature” with its documentary style as it was a unique way to close out a superhero story.

As to how Guggenheim had to pull a final episode together, it all came to talking to executive producer and co-creator Greg Berlanti:

“Yeah, we definitely pitched it to him. He was cool with everything. I don’t recall there [being] anything specific [like], “Oh, you definitely need to do this” or “Here’s an idea for that.” It was more like, “Wow, that just feels really right.” You know, go with God, essentially. And so we did.”

Back in June, Guggenheim revealed he had written the final scene for the series and fans might wonder if there were any changes. According to the showrunner, what we saw was essentially what he had written:

“No. In fact, it’s pretty much word for word. On the day, Stephen and Emily may have used a different phrase here or added a phrase there, but literally, it’s exactly the same scene, down to everything. It was amazing to actually get to watch it get to be shot.”

Did you enjoy the ending of ‘Arrow’? Are you at all surprised that Marc Guggenheim didn’t change the ending from when it was first written? Share your thoughts in the comments below!