It is hard to imagine anyone not liking Captain Jean-Luc Picard but that is exactly how Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) is going to feel when they first meet on ‘Star Trek: Picard.’ The ex-Borg will see Picard as the face of Starfleet’s failure and why her people have become entangled in what appears to be a war with the Romulans.

According to the actress:

“Seven I think holds Starfleet and the Federation in large part responsible for much of it. The universe is a mess, and I think she initially sees Picard as a representation of that. She’s been working … with sort of a group of freedom fighters called the Fenris Rangers who are trying to keep some semblance of order in the mess that is the galaxy.”

Interestingly enough, this is the first time that we’ve heard of the addition of the Fenris Rangers, and you’ll have to wonder who they are and how they came to be. As Seven of Nine was introduced to audiences on ‘Star Trek: Voyager‘, it makes sense that she would be familiar with freedom fighters as three key ex-crewmates were also part of The Marquis. This was a group that was seen as a terrorist organization introduced in ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ that would carry over into both ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and on ‘Voyager.’ The Marquis had an active role in continuing to fight the Cardassians after they signed a peace treaty with Starfleet, and Seven’s tactics might be similar to what they used.

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‘Star Trek: Picard’ will assimilate favorite streaming device through CBS All Access on January 23rd, 2020!