With ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ already premiering in Australia and its debut only a couple weeks away in the UK, expect to start seeing lot of international promotional material from the film. While the first clip released focused on the bond the crew had for one another, this second clip is pure action as the crew members try to navigate through narrow passageways and evade what looks like a Klingon ship.

It’s hard not to compare this clip to the original ‘Star Wars’ film as it has a very distinct George Lucas vibe to it, almost to the point that one may think this was J.J. Abrams’ reel that was seen by Disneyt to demonstrate that he could handle the ‘Star Wars’ franchise.

None the less, the action is pretty exciting, and while my understanding of the Wookie language is quite sparce, I much prefer Spock’s dry humor in the co-pilot seat in an action sequence like this.

Check it out below and let us know what you think of the second clip from ‘Star Trek Into Darkness.’

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ opens in the US in select IMAX theaters on May 15 and in nationwide released on May 17.