Erza Miller as The Flash

Last year we heard that Andy Muschietti (‘IT’) was set to tackle ‘The Flash’ for Warner Bros. Pictures and now he’s shared a bit more from what we can expect. Rumor has it that the movie is going to both adapt the popular “Flashpoint” story arc as well as go a different route and that topic is what Muschietti is weighing in on.

The idea of “Flashpoint” seems like an excellent way for Warner Bros. Pictures and DC to take their cinematic franchise and do a soft reboot as a way to explain the recasting of characters (we’re looking at you, Batman) and any other changes which they’d like to make. (This is an option I wouldn’t hold my breath for.)

Muschietti recently spoke to That Hashtag Show about the upcoming feature and shared that the plan is to give a “different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting.” He also confirmed that they are shooting this year.


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As a comic fan, I’d really like to state that as much as I enjoy Miller as The Flash, I don’t feel this is a story that should be told yet. Much like the “X-Men” franchise continually trying to push the Dark Phoenix story on us, this is one that hasn’t yet been earned by the franchise. The character hasn’t been developed enough for it to resonate appropriately with audiences if it is at all close to the source material.

Now, Muschietti does state that it will be a “different version” of the story, and that could end up working. I feel that nearly every time a studio has attempted to tell us an important story for a character without building them up, if it wasn’t part of their origin, the movie falls flat.

Are you eager for ‘The Flash’ to tell us a “different version” of “Flashpoint”? Do you think that Andy Muschietti can change things enough to make this film work, or will this be a missed opportunity for the studios? Share your thoughts in the comments below!