The Flash Flashpoint

Fans of ‘The Flash‘ have eagerly been awaiting the first outing of Ezra Miller in his own Barry Allen movie though one of the big selling points might have changed. We’ve long heard that the idea for the film would be to adapt the ‘Flashpoint’ story arc and a new rumor is saying that is no longer the case. The movie has gone through numerous production hiccups from directors being changed to the script being re-written.

Hopefully, this won’t cause the current directing team also to end up leaving the project.

The rumor has it that Warner Bros. are tired of the inability to make a cohesive ‘Flashpoint’ story come to life and now want to switch things up. As Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been Thomas Wayne in our introduction to the DCEU take on Batman that would have put him into the cape and cowl for this outing. However, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez who tends to have inside knowledge of everything DC when it comes to films used an ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ reference to show that this idea has faded away.


It looks like if this is true, Morgan had better hope that Negan will be sticking around on ‘The Walking Dead’ for quite some time to come.

All of that being said, the very idea of including a ‘Flashpoint’ story so early in the DCEU which has already had numerous problems trying to find its bearings seemed like a bad idea unless they wanted to use it to soft reboot some of the heroes already.

Are you sad that ‘Flashpoint’ looks not to be happening or was this too soon for Barry Allen to go that route? Which iconic stories from ‘The Flash’ would you like to see have a shot at being Miller’s first solo outing in the role? Share your thoughts below!