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Back in 2015, we shared that Andy Muschietti was set to bring us an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story ‘The Jaunt‘ and have heard radio silence since then. Now, the director has let fans know that not only is the film still in pre-production but is finally moving forward! While Andy and his sister Barbara have recently been revealed to be working on another King story, ‘Roadwork,’ it looks like this one hasn’t fallen by the wayside as one might suspect.

‘The Jaunt’ was brought up to the director in a recent interview where Muschietti revealed:

” [The Jaunt] has been in development with Plan B for a few years. We tried to crack it, and now we finally have a writer that can do it. I would love to. It’s tough to crack because it’s such a great short story, and then you have to expand it into a great film narrative. It took awhile, but now I think we got it. I don’t want to tell too much.”

For those of you unfamiliar with Plan B, it is Brad Pitt’s production company who initially picked up the rights to the story. While it sounds like the script wasn’t coming together in the past, it now looks like progress has been made and this is going to make its way to the big screen!

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As to the tale itself, ‘The Jaunt’ was initially released in 1981 through the Twilight Zone Magazine but didn’t really get much notice until it was re-released in 1985 in King’s ‘Skeleton Crew’ collection. The story was also eventually released as a stand-alone novella. ‘The Jaunt’ actually refers to the method of travel which is called Jaunting, and in the story it is used to teleport a family that is heading to Mars. To “jaunt” somewhere, the human mind has to be under anesthesia. If it isn’t, the Jaunter will suffer horrible things such as brain implosion or being trapped awake forever as your body is asleep.

I’m sure you can guess that things don’t work out well for the family.

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