Star Trek: Picard

This weekend, it’s all about ‘Star Wars‘, but the other major space franchise, ‘Star Trek‘ has some goodies cooking up for the New Year, and one that most are looking forward to is ‘Star Trek: Picard’, the new CBS All Access which brings Sir Patrick Stewart back to his most famous role, as Admiral Jean-Luc Picard.  On the series, a new danger draws the retired Picard back into active duty and the new show promises to deliver loads of action and character development.

While it’s brief, CBS All Access has released a new trailer, which focuses on the action.  You can check it out below:


Jeri Ryan returns as ‘Star Trek: Voyager’s Seven of Nine.  ‘Picard’ will also include cameo appearances by Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker (Frakes is also directing episodes of the show), Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi, Brent Spiner as Data, and Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh the Borg.  Ryan isn’t considered a regular cast member, but it would seem that out of the old school ‘Trekkers, she will figure the most prominently.


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The regular cast includes Isa Briones (‘American Crime Story’) as Dahj, the mysterious young woman that goes to Picard for help; Alison Pill (‘American Horror Story’) as Doctor Agnes Jurati; Santiago Cabrera (‘Big Little Lies’) as Cristobal “Chris” Rios, a former Starfleet officer who will now act as the pilot of Picard’s ship, and is also a skilled thief; Michelle Hurd (‘Hawaii Five-O’) as Raffi Musiker, a former Starfleet intelligence officer, and Rios’ partner, who is also struggling with substance abuse; Harry Treadaway (‘Mr. Mercedes’) as Narek, a Romulan who joins Picard’s crew to investigate what the Romulans are doing to former Borg drones; and Evan Evagora (‘Fantasy Island’) as Elnor, another Romulan, who is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and had a deep loyalty to Picard.  The series also features DeNiro as Picard’s dog, Number One.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ will launch on CBS All Access on January 24, 2020.