Crisis On Infinite Earths: Wait, What Does The Destruction Of Earth-6 Mean?!
DC Universe/Warner Brothers

SPOILER ALERT: If you did not catch the first episode of The CW’s “Crisis On Infinite Earths” crossover, this contains a massive SPOILER, so turn back now or proceed with caution.

The comic book “Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicked off with the destruction of a couple of different parallel Earths, including Earth-3, home of the villainous Crime Syndicate.  Likewise, the TV adaptation on The CW did the same, sending a wave of anti-matter to destroy Earth-X (the focus of The CW’s 2017 crossover, home of Russell Tovey’s The Ray, who seemingly perished), Earth-89 (setting of the first Tim Burton ‘Batman’ movie and presumably ‘Batman Returns’ as well), Earth-66 (setting of the 1966 ‘Batman’ TV series), and perhaps most interestingly, Earth-6, which turned out to be the home of the DC Universe series ‘Titans’.

During the opening montage sequence, a quick clip showing Alan Ritchson as Hawk and Curran Walters as Robin II, flashed, with that world’s sky turning red just before it was seemingly wiped from existence.  While the destructions of the other Earths were Easter Eggs for longtime DC fans, or in the case of Earth-X, a tying up of loose ends, Earth-6 and ‘Titans’ are still part of an ongoing narrative.  What does this mean?

One possible SPOILER that this destruction could have hinted at is that at the end of the story all of the destroyed parallel universes will be restored, no worse for wear.  That would be extremely anticlimactic.  But then again, the dispatching of the worlds of ‘Batman’ ’66 and ’89 also seemed a bit disrespectful, so I could see those destructions being undone as well.

Another explanation is that the ‘Titans’ cameo was just done for fun for fans and that this brief clip will have no impact on ‘Titans’.  After all, that show just wrapped up its second season and has been renewed for a third.  And to be honest, it seems to just now be hitting its stride.

And another pure guess is that we don’t know how the timelines of ‘Titans’ and The CW shows line up.  Maybe this cameo takes place years into the future, at the end of the ‘Titans’ series.  But I doubt that even the writers and producers of ‘Titans’ know exactly how it’s going to end and which characters will still be around, or what form they will be in at the time.  (It’s unlikely that Jason Todd will still alive or still be Robin by that point.)

Fans will just have to wait for an explanation.  It may come soon, or possibly in January, after the crossover has been completed. is reporting with pretty strong certainty that Brec Bassinger’s Stargirl, who is set to star in her own DC Universe show in 2020, will appear in “Crisis On Infinite Earths.”  Actually, according to that site, she won’t just appear but will play a major role.  I have not seen anywhere that this is a certainty, although there have been rumors.  Once again, we have to wait and see.

At any rate, what do you think the destruction of Earth-6 means?