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SPOILER ALERT: If you have not FINISHED Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’, this article discusses the CONCLUSION, so turn back if you want to avoid SPOILERS!

Oh, Iron Fist.  How did you become the Scrappy Doo of the Marvel Universe?  It seems that no matter what creators do with the character of Danny Rand, played by Finn Jones, people find a reason to complain.  Their latest vexation?  The lack of a super suit.

While promoting ‘The Defenders’, Jones says that he hopes that sooner than later his character, perhaps inspired by Daredevil’s garb, adopts an iconic uniform as well.

“It will. And look, I’m not the writer for this show, nor am I the executive producer. So unfortunately these things don’t fall on my head. But from an actor’s distinct perspective, I certainly think that will happen within, hopefully, Season Two.


“I think the way that we’re telling our version of Danny’s story is there’s a real progression. The first season of Iron Fist, he doesn’t even really know what a superhero is, let alone identify himself as one. It’s not until Defenders and when he meets the three superheroes, that he kind of goes, “Oh, you can actually do something with these abilities. You can find a purpose.” Which is exactly what Danny had been struggling to find throughout his whole life.


“So towards the end of Defenders, Danny has certainly become a lot more grounded, and driven, and more purposeful character. And I certainly think, moving forward into Season Two, that superhero outfit would be something that Danny Rand finds extremely alluring, and cool, and after seeing Daredevil in his getup, I definitely think he may be persuaded to find one himself. What it looks like, who knows? I’d like to see a mashup of all of the kind of outfits.”

WTF? Luke and Jessica don’t have costumes OR code names and no one seems upset about that.  Why single out Iron Fist?  Jones is right; at the beginning, Danny Rand wouldn’t even know what a superhero is, much less feel the need to put on a colorful spandex costume.  Keep in mind, the Netflix shows take place just shortly after the events of the first ‘Avengers’ movie (referred to as “the incident”).  Superheroes are kind of a new phenomenon.

Danny has just returned to the modern world from K’un-Lun.  And the developments of his first season likely kept him too busy to really soak in current events.

The question is, what costume do fans want him to don?  His most famous costume is also his most garish: (Top) bright yellow mask with long ties dangling off the back, just waiting for an opponent to grab onto, shirt with huge yellow high collar and exposed chest to show off his dragon tattoo, and Capri-length tights with yellow sash and slippers.  More recently, (above to the right) his costume was modified.  Though the basic elements are still there, the shirt doesn’t have the plunging V.  Rather than showing off his tattoo, the dragon design is simply replicated as a yellow logo.  You can’t see them, but he also swapped out the slippers for boots.

On the flip side, he sometimes opts to not wear a shirt at all, once again exposing his tattoo.  I guess to make up for the lack of… anything on his upper body, he added golden wrist bands.

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Finally at the end of the final episode, Danny is seen wearing a green and yellow track suit, which would allow him freedom of movement.  That slightly mirrors his most recent costume from the comics, which is a clear nod to Bruce Lee’s onesie from ‘Game  of Death’, which was previously paid homage to by Quentin Tarantino when The Bride wore a similar track suit in the ‘Kill Bill’ flicks.

iron fist

Even in the Marvel movies, which are more over-the-top than the grounded, gritty TV shows, the superheroes costumes are more practical and realistic than those found in the comics.

The events of ‘The Defenders’ may have rectified some of the flaws people had with the characterization of Danny Rand in ‘Iron Fist’ S1.  He has had to face up to some true horrors and the perceived sacrifice made by Daredevil at the end seems to have inspired Danny to man up and become a real hero.  Matt asked his friends to take care of his city and of the three, Danny seems the most intent on carrying on DD’s legacy.  (In the comics, Iron Fist actually took over as Daredevil for a period when Murdock was sent to jail.)

So what should Iron Fist wear?  He isn’t impervious like Luke Cage, so something similar to Matt’s padded DD costume might be in order, simply for protection.  On the other hand, something like a track suit or even more form fitting (like workout gear) could allow for greater freedom of movement.   His hands, or at least his right, would have to be exposed.  I hate these in real life, but they might work for Danny… those weird sporty shoes with toes, used for running or rock climbing.    And when it comes to the shirt, closed shirt, exposed chest or no shirt at all?

What do you think?  What would you like to see Danny Rand wearing in ‘Iron Fist’ Season Two?

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