Drogon In Game Of Thrones

The divisive ‘Game of Thrones‘ final season will likely be a source of debate for years, however, what won’t be up for debate are the actions of Drogon, the last dragon, in the final couple of episodes. From what he did with his mother’s body to the burning of the Iron Throne, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss offered insight as to what the dragon was up to. These details can be found in a making-of documentary for the final season titled “Duty is the Death of Love’ which has had a few key scenes revealed by Entertainment Weekly.

To start with, Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen was worried about what Drogon did with her body when it was carried away. The actress was partially worried that she might end up as dragon food, but that wasn’t the case. Benioff let Clarke know that “Drogon’s not going to eat you. He’s not a cat. Did you see how gently he was nudging you?” In fact, the showrunners confirmed that Drogon was taking her body to Volantis. This was a theory many fans had after the season finale and seeing the new royal council reveal that the dragon was seen heading East.

Dany wasn’t the only thing that Drogon took care of before flying away. Before gently lifting the body of his mother, the dragon also destroyed the Iron Throne.

While the reason behind this wasn’t shown in the series, Benioff did share that Drogon was thinking something along the lines of “If [Dany is] not going to sit on it, no one’s going to sit on it.”

Dragons aside, the Iron Throne likely would have had to go anyway or someone would have had to lift King Bran “The Broken” onto it anytime court was being held.

Are you glad to have further insight into the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’? Did you guess that Drogon was taking Dany to Volantis? Is it feasible that the dragon was destroying the throne to prevent anyone else from sitting on it since Dany couldn’t? Share your thoughts in the comments below!