The Intense New 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer Reveals Some Major SPOILERS
Photo: Netflix

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to discover at least one MAJOR plot development in ‘Stranger Things 3’, then turn back now and just a word of advice, don’t watch the trailer on any other site either!

Bananarama had a hit song in the ’80s called ‘Cruel Summer’, but judging by the newest trailer for Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things 3’, “cruel” doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the summer of 1985 in Hawkins, IN.  The clip shows a few things that have already been teased in previously released materials, including the colorful carnival (possibly set up for 4th of July), the community swimming pool (where Billy now works as a lifeguard), and the new Starcourt Mall, which which will open and– based on this trailer– close very soon.  (This show’s not called ‘Nice Things’, after all.)


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The clip opens with an ominous voiceover:

“You let us in.  And now… you are going to have to let us stay.”

Obviously, that’s not the Mind-Flayer speaking… or is it?  More on that in a bit, but first here is the video.  There are a few SPOILERS, so proceed with caution:


Where to start?

Toward the beginning, Will (Noah Schnapp) suggests that instead of imprisoning the Mind-Flayer in the Upside Down, Eleven inadvertently sealed off the rift between dimensions with the creature still on this side.

Perhaps the biggest reveal is that Billy (Dacre Montgomery) becomes the new host of the Mind-Flayer.  Will is earlier seen touching the back of his neck while watching a movie.  It’s as though he feels something, and it’s likely that this is a result of the Mind-Flayer fully releasing him and taking possession of Billy.  (Will is later shown touching the back of his neck again, inside the Starcourt Mall.)

It would appear the voice-over at the beginning was that of Billy.  Like Venom, he refers to himself in the plural, when possessed.  He is later heard saying “We are going to end you.  We are going to end your friends.  Then, we’re going to end everyone.”

Montgomery recently discussed Billy’s arc, saying “He’s pure evil this season.”  He’s not kidding!

Beyond that, there is a shot of a bunch of helicopters flying into Hawkins, or more specifically, toward the Starcourt Mall, so that may mean that this time the chaos becomes so out of control that folks beyond the main cast notice and call in for aid.

Finally, there is a new character played by Michael Park (Netflix’s ‘Tales of the City’).  He appears to be a policeman of sorts, as he is getting out of a police truck in the woods.  It remains to be seen who he is and what part he has to play in the story.

On the upside, Brett Gelman’s loopy conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman is back!

If you want to make sense of it all, there are less than two weeks until ‘Stranger Things 3’ arrives on Netflix, on July 4th.