Bride Of Frankenstein

Before ‘The Mummy‘ reboot was released in 2017 there was a lot of excitement about Universal Pictures giving us an entire cinematic “Dark Universe.” After the movie came out things seemed to fizzle and director Bill Condon has opened up as to what he believes happened to ‘Bride of Frankenstein.’ Unsurprisingly, the concept appears to have tanked due to the lukewarm reception of ‘The Mummy’ at the box office by potential fans and critics alike.

While never officially canceled, Condon’s take on ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ has been delayed indefinitely. Unless Universal decides to completely revamp their idea for a “Dark Universe” or start working on unconnected horror films based on their classic creature features, it seems unlikely ever to see the light of day.


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According to Condon:

“That was a heartbreaker, really. We were involved, we were prepping, we were deep into it. I have to say, the simplest way to say it is that I think the whole … The Mummy, and not to say anything against the movie, the fact that that hadn’t worked for them, and that was the beginning of this whole reinvention of their monsters, getting cold feet, at the end of the day. David Koepp was writing the script, I thought that it was unbelievably good, and we were on the verge of making a very beautiful movie, I thought. So that was a shame.”

As to what we could expect from the film? Condon was asked if he could share any details about it and simply stated that “I don’t know if I am, honestly, because David, I think, is still involved in figuring out the new approach.”


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It sounds like there is still some hope that the movie could end up alive, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it happening anytime soon.

Personally, I feel that the studio should cut their losses and just let Blumhouse handle the properties as they’ve shown interest and have a proven track record when it comes to horror franchises in modern times.

Are you hoping that a “Dark Universe” of these classic creature features could still happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Collider