Batman and Superman have enemies like The Joker and Lex Luthor, who are nearly as famous to the general public as they are.  But unlike her male counterparts, Wonder Woman‘s Rogue’s Gallery is slightly lacking.  But while the likes of Doctor Psycho and Queen Clea may not be as famous, they can be just as lethal… or at least they have the potential to be.

So the question is: which of her foes will Wonder Woman battle in her upcoming 2017 solo flick?  One source is reporting that the Amazing Amazon will face not one, but two of her most powerful opponents in the film.  And not only that, but that Sean Bean and Eva Green are being sought to play them!

The first villain mentioned is Ares, the Greek God of War, who was Diana’s first major foe when her comic was rebooted in the 80s after ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths.’  Ares is one of the most powerful elder gods and in the 80s stories sought wipe out humanity with a devastating nuclear war.  (A popular theme during that period.)

The ancient gods have been reinterpreted numerous times in the comics (and in history as well).  A much more benign version, commonly called War, appeared in the New 52 ‘Wonder Woman’ comics, in which Wonder Woman killed him and inherited his position as the new Goddess of War.

The second antagonist in the film is reportedly Circe.  In the classic epic poem ‘The Odyssey,’ Circe was a witch that dwelled on an island where she turned men who found themselves washed ashore into pigs or other animals.  In the comics, Circe is an incredibly powerful and immortal sorceress who has plagued Wonder Woman repeatedly over the years.  In one memorable tale, she succeeded in turning all of the male super heroes into animals, forcing Diana to rally the remaining female heroes to stop her.

El Mayimbe of Heroic Hollywood, who frequently lands accurate scoops on comic book films, appeared on the Source Fed Nerd Youtube show to not only state that these two villains would be the ones used in the film, but that Warner Brothers and/or director Patty Jenkins is already eyeing which actors they want in the roles, Sean Bean and Eva Green.

Bean is familiar to modern fans as Borimir in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and as Ned Stark in season one of ‘Game of Thrones’.  He has enjoyed a lengthy career, having starred in the TV series ‘Legends’ and ‘Missing’.  He was recently seen (or not) in the box office dud ‘Pixels‘ and will next appear in ‘The Martian‘.

Bean’s career has been multifaceted but his experience in the ‘LOTR’ movies and on ‘GoT’ could prove especially useful for playing the God of War.

Potentially joining him will be ‘Penny Dreadful’ star Eva Green.  Before playing Vanessa, the lead character on the supernatural drama, Green was a Bond girl, starring in ‘Casino Royale’ and in two other comic book adaptations ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ and ‘300: Rise of an Empire’.  She will next be seen in the title role in ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’ but it is her work on ‘300’ that may prove most significant… well, next to one other role.

She already played a sorceress from an ancient tale as Morgan Le Fay in the TV series ‘Camelot’.  Morgan and Circe are absolutely cut from the same wicked cloth, so that will give her a lot to draw from, should she get/accept the role.

So unfortunately, those who were hoping to see Wonder Woman mix it up with cat woman Cheetah or the towering Giganta have to wait until possible sequels.

What do you think?  Are Ares and Circe major enough to go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman on the big screen?

You can watch the full episode of Source Fed Nerd below and hear these predictions firsthand:

‘Wonder Woman’ is scheduled for release on June 23, 2017 and will be directed by Patty Jenkins, with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.