Ms. Marvel: Marvel Studios Is Casting The Khan Family
Marvel Comics

According to Discussing Film, Marvel Studios has begun casting for the Disney+ live-action series ‘Ms. Marvel’, featuring a Pakistani-American teen superhero with size and shapeshifting abilities.  In the comics, Kamala Khan is something of a pariah, as the daughter of immigrants with a nerdy personality, not to mention a burgeoning side-career as a superhero which puts her at odds with her strict parents.  (It’s hard to fight crime when you have a curfew.)

Very little is known about the roles her family will play on the show, but Marvel is looking for Pakistani or Pakistani-American actors.  For her parents, Muneeba and Yusuf, actors in their 40s-50s are sought, while an actor in his 20s is sought to play her brother Aamir.


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A Pakistani-American girl between the ages of 16-24 is being sought to play Kamala.

In the comics, Aamir is married to Tyesha Hillman-Khan, and they have a son, Malik.  He is also perennially unemployed, so his family lives with his parents, making for a full house, where it’s hard to keep secrets– like a secret superhero gig.  Unlike Kamala, Aamir was born in Pakistan before the family moved to New Jersey in the U.S., where Kamala was born.  Also in the comics, he eventually developed his own superpowers, the ability to create force fields.  It’s unknown if all of that will be the same on the show.


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In addition, Kamala has two best friends.  Nakia Bahadir is also the daughter of immigrants and is Muslim.  Unlike Kamala, Nakia is fully embracing her Muslim faith, going by her full name instead of her childhood nickname “Kiki,” and wearing a hijab.  Bruno Carrelli is a poor boy who, along with his younger brother, were taken away from their mother and placed in the care of their Italian immigrant grandparents, who were ill-prepared to take care of them.  Kamala’s father Yusuf paid Bruno’s school fees and forced her to play with him.  Even though she was resistant, the two became very close over the years. It remains to be seen if they will also appear on the series.

‘Ms. Marvel’ will be part of Marvel Phase 5, so this series won’t arrive until 2022 at the earliest, but it looks as though the creators want to get a jump on it as early as possible.  Bisha K. Ali is acting as showrunner, and according to Discussing Film, it is RUMORED to begin filming in April in Atlanta.

Check back for updates on ‘Ms. Marvel’ and the other Disney+ Marvel shows as news surfaces.