The Flash

The Flash‘ won’t have an easy time this Turkey Day as The CW is giving us a holiday-themed episode in “O Come, All Ye Faithful” that won’t just feature Weather Wizard but also his kid as well! Today, we’re thankful that the network has decided to stuff us full of new photos from the episode and give us an idea of what we can expect when everyone squares off in it. We’ll be leading into the episode this week with “The Icicle Cometh” that has Iris and Sherloque trying to find out more about Cicada while Caitlin, Barrym, and Cisco find out something new concerning Kyle Secor’s Thomas Snow.

With the name of the episode, I’m sure it’ll also be starting to tease more of the holiday episode that’ll drop next week. We already had a hint of Weather Wizard’s return at the very end of “All Doll’d Up.”

You can check out previews from the episode in the gallery below:

The episode is slated to show Nora still dealing with her anger at her father who disappeared in the future while Barry and the rest of Team Flash have to deal with a family fight. Usually, you want to avoid that kind of a situation, but when Reina Hardesty’s Weather Witch is trying to kill her own father, Liam Mcintyre’s Weather Wizard, it is hard to stay out of it.

Are you ready to get festive for the upcoming episode of ‘The Flash’ that will be making this a family affair of good vs. evil?

You can stay in the holiday spirit when you watch the next episode of ‘The Flash’ on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018!

Source: TV Line