Kitty Pryde
Marvel Comics

In January, AFTER it was made known that Disney was going to buy out 20th Century Fox, but before the transaction was completed, word emerged that Tim Miller, director of the first ‘Deadpool’, had been tapped to develop a ‘Kitty Pryde’ solo movie.  A reason why was never supplied.  It doesn’t really matter.  Miller doesn’t think it will ever happen, nor does he think he’ll be asked to direct any movie for Marvel Studios, which now holds the rights to the ‘X-Men’ movie franchise.

He told

“I love the X-Men. I don’t expect Marvel to call me and say, ‘Come do the X-Men,’ so I’m not waiting for that.  I was really excited about my Kitty Pryde movie. F**k, I love that movie. It’ll never happen now.”

Marvel Comics

Reportedly, comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis penned the screenplay, and the film was working under the false title ‘143’, in reference to ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #143 (1981), an early Kitty-centric issue, in which the fledgling X-Man took on the demon N’Garai in the X-Mansion, which was empty due to the approaching Christmas holiday.  (Kitty is Jewish.)


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But from the start, a ‘Kitty Pryde’ movie sounded like a wonky idea.  Ellen Page’s take on the character was never a major part of the previous ‘X-Men’ movies, but then again, this was likely to be an alternate version, as it was supposedly set in the same universe as ‘Dark Phoenix’, and would have taken place in the aftermath of that picture.

Kitty may be used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but she’ll likely be just one of multiple X-Men.  (Although, personally, I’d prefer that when they debut in the MCU, the X-Men be comprised of just Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl, and build from there.)  Kitty is a popular and long-running character, but she has rarely been showcased in solo adventures, so it would be… interesting, how she would be featured in a solo film.  Maybe Bendis’ script will leak online, like so many other aborted superhero projects.

Would you still like to see a solo ‘Kitty Pryde’ movie in the MCU?