Ladies and gentleman, the future of law enforcement is coming to Detroit.

Motor City, congratulations! You’re getting your well-deserved statue of RoboCop in the summer of 2014. A 10-foot model for a RoboCop statue has been completed by designer John Leonard. It arrived in bits and pieces in Detroit on Tuesday, September 24th.

To understand just how monumental the statue will be, let me report that RoboCop’s left hand measures at 16 inches long and 1 foot wide. (In the words of Bixby Snyder: I’d buy that for a dollar!) The model is made out of foam and plaster, and soon it will be a bronzed replica of the cyborg police officer.

“This is larger than even my wildest imagination,” stated Leonard.

However, it’s going to take a lot of work to put the statue together. Three companies will be collaborating in the process. They include the Venus Bronze Works and Center for Conservation, the Warren Ally Foundry and Edgewise Forge.

Giorgio Gikas of the Venus Bronze Works has restored a lot of projects around the midwest, including the sculpture, the Spirit of Detroit. Upon hearing about the RoboCop project, he stated, “I said this is the new generation of our town.”

John Leonard believes that the RoboCop statue will not just boost tourism in Detroit but it will create a good image about the city itself.

“I think it complements a lot of the other positive things that are happening in the city,” he stated.

Back in 2011, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing received a tweet suggesting that Detroit erect a RoboCop statue. The tweet resulted in a Kickstarter campaign that earned the support of over 2,700 people.

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Source: USA Today