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The first episode of HBO‘s ‘Watchmen‘ started with a bang and fans have been loving what showrunner Damon Lindelof is looking to deliver in this nine-episode run. However, the creator of this new iteration of ‘Watchmen’ doesn’t sound like he’ll be returning for a sophomore outing. The graphic novel, which was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, has a lasting legacy behind it and Lindelof seems to feel that he was only meant to pen this chapter of it.

Previously, the showrunner didn’t expect ‘Watchmen’ to get more than a single season. With ratings and fan reception through the roof, it feels like HBO would want to continue the story. While that may very well happen, Lindelof has shared that:

“[It’s] not my story, right? I appropriated it. And so the idea that someone else could come along and do another season of Watchmen, that’s really exciting to me, too. I would watch the fuck out of that. These nine episodes are sort of everything that I have to say at this point about Watchmen, and then we’ll kind of go from there.”

It sounds like he had a set story to tell which he was able to in this single season outing. With how disappointing the ending of ‘Lost’ was for fans, it seems like a good idea to get out with a story being told and not try to force something to go on that isn’t in the cards. While this doesn’t mean ‘Watchmen’ will come to an end after this run, it feels less likely that Lindelof will be involved with each passing interview.

On the flip side, we can’t forget the first major teaser text for the new series:

Did you enjoy the first episode of HBO’s ‘Watchmen’? Do you hope that Damon Lindelof comes up with a solid idea for a second season and returns to tell another story about the characters we’ve met so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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