Hocus Pocus

If you’ve had your fill of Freeform’s nearly daily showings of ‘Hocus Pocus’, you may be in for a respite.  Disney+ has tapped Jen D’Angelo (‘Workaholics’) to pen a screenplay for ‘Hocus Pocus 2’, and it will involve the original Sanderson sisters– Bette Midler as Winifred, Kathy Najimi as Mary, and Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah– but since it is early in development, it’s unknown if they will be the main characters, as they were in the original movie.  At this point, none of the stars is attached.  That may need to be settled before the script can progress.

In 2016, a new film was in the works with Tina Fey attached.  It was unclear whether it was a sequel or a reboot.  Last year, Doug Jones, who played the zombie Billy Butcherson, stated that he had been approached about appearing in a “20 years later” sequel.  However, last year was the 25th year anniversary of the first ‘Hocus Pocus’, and a new project has not yet come to fruition.


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Directed by Kenny Ortega, the original ‘Hocus Pocus’ was a box office flop when it opened in 1993, but Disney Channel began airing it around Halloween every year and it became a tradition for thousands, if not millions.  The script for the first movie was written by Mick Garris and Neil Cuthbert, based on a story by Garris and David Kirschner.  Kirschner and Steven Haft produced.  The cast also included Thora Birch, Omri Katz, and Vinessa Shaw.

This year, the Disney-owned Freeform is airing ‘Hocus Pocus’ multiple nights a week during October, and will air it non-stop on Halloween day.  The original movie will also be available to watch year-round on Disney+ when it launches.

D’Angelo wrote the upcoming series ‘Scroll Wheel of Time’ which is coming to Eko… whatever that is.  That cast includes Kid ‘N Play and Joey Fatone!  She produced and wrote the first episode of the short-lived FOX series ‘LA to Vegas’.  In addition to writing, serving as executive story editor, and co-producer on ‘Workaholics’, she served as associate producer on the Netflix movie ‘Game Over Man!’ which starred ‘Workaholics’ headliners Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson.

Would you be up for a new ‘Hocus Pocus’ film?  Or are you happy with watching the original over and over?


Source: Collider