Watchmen: HBO Has Released A Teaser For What To Expect

After the first episode of Damon Lindelof’s ‘Watchmen,’ you might be wondering what to expect from the new series. Thankfully, HBO knew you’d want more right away and has released a trailer of what to expect “in the weeks ahead” for what might be a single season event. The first episode was a great mixture of bringing back ideas from Alan Moore’s iconic series while forging ahead in a brave new world. The series is set in modern times, but it is quick to note how different it is from our own. Technology has been put on the backburner while social issues appear even more relevant than in our own society.

Not only that, but the clock is ticking as The Seventh Cavalry is marching ahead with a terrorist plot to destabilize an America already on edge.

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You can check out the new ‘Watchmen’ series preview trailer right here of what to expect moving forward:


First off, was that Dr. Manhattan showing up at the very end of the trailer? It sure looked to be. If not a flashback, it could mean that the one real superhero in this series could be returning to Earth from our brief view of him on Mars. For a world so behind us on technology, it does seem a bit surprising that we were able to get a rover up to the Red Planet and send back video from it. Other previous characters include Jean Smart, who plays Laurie Black or the second Silk Spectre, and is now working for the government as well as another peek at Jeremy Irons, who may or may not be Ozymandias.

For new characters, Regina King’s Angela Abar was, of course, front and center with a look at Hong Chau’s Lady Trieu. There was quite a bit packed into this 2-minute trailer, and I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to understand most of it until we’re another episode or three into the series.

Are you excited for HBO’s ‘Watchmen’? What did you think of the trailer for the rest of the series? Did the first episode live up to your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Collider