Whovians all over the world sat in front of their televisions and watched the season premiere of series 7 titled ‘Asylum of the Daleks’. Many are still gestating over what exactly happened in the episode and theories are being formed all over the internet, but while all that is happening, some may not have noticed that the DVD and Blu-ray of part one of the season is already available for pre-order, despite the fact that the rest of it hasn’t aired yet.

According to Collider, ‘Doctor Who Series Seven Part One’ is on presale now for $24.99 (DVD) and $29.99 (Blu-ray), with an order date of October 9th and a street date of November 13th. Aside from all five episodes that feature the overarching story of The Fall of the Ponds, other special features will include The Science of ‘Doctor Who’, bonus scenes, and ‘Doctor Who’ at Comic-Con. It’s interesting to note that ‘Pond Life’, the prequel for the series featuring Amy and Rory, isn’t listed under the special features.

I’d say it’s curious that they’re releasing only part of a season, but I know exactly why they’re doing it. ‘Glee’ does the exact same thing. Obviously it’s to make more money off of the franchise. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will probably buy it along with a number of other diehard Who fans, but I know that they’ll probably release the full season next year with even more special features that won’t be available anywhere other than with that set. Those clever marketing bastards certainly know how to take our money.

Check out the ad for the release below, featuring the cover art for the DVD/Blu-Ray releases:

Are you going to pick up this season of ‘Doctor Who’ in pieces or are you going to wait for the full boxed set? Let us know in the comment section!