The Latest Watchmen Promo Shares "The Legacy Of Watchmen"

The latest promotional video for HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ isn’t about giving us new footage of the show but how the graphic novel had an impact on writers and pop culture in general since it was released. A bit on the short side, it is a fascinating look at how some of today’s hottest creators fell in love with the source material. Also, how the ideas the story introduced readers to have continued to be a part of the stories being told.

Early hints by showrunner David Lindel (‘Lost’) suggest that we’ll only have one season of the series put into development which means that this could have a slightly more limited impact than the original work.


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I’m sure ratings will have a lot to say on the idea of the network bringing us a second season.

You can watch what HBO has collected in a few small snippets about “The Legacy of Watchmen” in the clip below!


While I love these creators’ take on how ‘Watchmen’ already has such a substantial legacy, I almost feel that this video is too short. Clocking in at just under a minute and a half, this is a topic that could easily spawn a fully fleshed out documentary. Who knows, maybe that is something which HBO and Lindelof already have in the works. The upcoming showrunner has often cited ‘Watchmen’ as one of his greatest inspirations, so it should come as no surprise if he’d want to expand on the cultural impact of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ iconic work.

What did you think of the latest promo for ‘Watchmen’? Would you be interested in a documentary on how the graphic novel has inspired so many creatives and effected pop culture over the years? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

You can watch the ‘Watchmen’ premiere episode on HBO this October 20th, 2019!


Source: HBO’s YouTube