Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander is best known for playing Jerry’s always-scheming best friend George Costanza on the classic sitcom ‘Seinfeld’, but is the actor now scheming to become part of the ‘Batman’ film universe?  It’s possible that Alexander is feeling motivated by his upcoming role on the ‘Harley Quinn’ animated series coming to DC Universe (he voices an apparently made-up character named Sy Borgman).  But he took to Twitter to stump for the role of Egghead in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’.

However, the internet decided that Alexander was a better fit for the role of The Penguin.

When word surfaced that Jonah Hill had passed on playing ‘The Batman’s main villain (The Riddler, not The Penguin), Alexander referenced ‘Seinfeld’ when he wrote:

If you’re a fan, you are certainly familiar with one of the most popular episodes of ‘Seinfeld’, which included one of Alexander’s shining George Costanza moments.  In the 1994 episode “The Marine Biologist,” George is working one of his usual schemes– in this case, pretending to be a marine biologist to impress a woman.


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But when a whale washes up on shore, George is forced to continue the charade.  Alexander then gets to deliver this incredible monologue:


FUN FACT: George’s monologue was not in the script.  Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David came up with it the night before filming, and there wasn’t time to rehearse it.  The next day, Alexander delivered the speech in one take!

Paramount/Warner Brothers

Alexander is probably just kidding about wanting to be in ‘The Batman’.  (I hope.)  A sign that he was probably joking is that he originally suggested he play Egghead, an original character created for the comedic 1960s ‘Batman’ TV show, who was played by Vincent Price.


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However, there are plans for The Penguin to appear, although the size of his role is unknown.  Reportedly, Reeves’s script (co-written with Mattson Tomlin) also includes other Bat-Rogues Firefly, The Mad Hatter, The Penguin, and Two-Face.

‘The Batman’ currently stars Robert Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman/Selina Kyle, and the just-announced Paul Dano as The Riddler/Edward Nashton.

As for Alexander, he occasionally pops up on ‘The Orville’, although he is nearly unrecognizable as the alien Olix. He also sometimes appears on ‘Young Sheldon’ as Mr. Lundy.  He also does a lot of voice work, and as mentioned, he will lend his voice to Sy Borgman on ‘Harley Quinn’.

‘The Batman’ is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.