In the first issue of ‘Deadpool Vs. X-Force,’ we were thrown back to the 90s as Cable had a glowing eye, ‘X-Force’ wasn’t officially formed yet, and Deadpool was still the Merc with the Mouth. Only we’re not in the 90s as someone gave everyone’s favorite crazy person a time machine and set him loose in the Civil War. This lead to Cable having a prophetic dream and sending him on the trail of Wade Wilson to make sure that the timeline wasn’t disrupted.

I mean Deadpool hanging around during the Civil War? What could possibly go wrong?

Most of Deadpool’s “vs” or time travelling adventures have either taken place outside of continuity or are so far removed that they don’t matter. So makes this one different enough for me to pick up? Classic X-Force at its best! Glowing eyes, giant guns, Wade cracking jokes. It is just a barrel of fun all around here for those of you who have as fond of a memory of the early years of the team that I do.

While most of the future ‘X-Force’ seems very uncomfortable with doing anything that could change the timeline and don’t want to be involved, we see that Cable jumps right into the thick of it which should be of no surprise to anyone who knows his history. Looking back at the team of that era, we know that a few of these members will work with Cable for years to come and stay more in line with his way of seeing the world. Of course on the flip side, Warpath is currently off doing his own quiet thing and Cannonball joined ‘The Avengers’ though hasn’t done much since he did.

While the first issue we saw that Deadpool seemed to be keeping a list of who ended up dead to make sure that no one with children or that mattered died, that seems to have changed by the end of this issue. Suddenly we see giant steampunk styled mechs walking around and unless I slept through a few history classes, which is possible, that is something that just did not happen.

The real question here will most likely end up being how will the changes that he has committed be undone or if this will end up as a parallel reality. Oh, and what the person who sent Deadpool back in time in the first place is really playing at since it appears Deadpool is following his orders and not doing any of this for any reason past the money that he is going to be paid.

For those of you who miss the 90’s styled overly action filled comics where Cable for some reason had a glowing eye, there is no need to unpack your old books to get a quick fix! You just need to buy up this current run of ‘Deadpool vs. X-Force’ and all of your 20 year old memories will come flooding back to you in full force!

I’m not sure if that is a good thing but I know I’ll be enjoying this ride for the duration of the run!


Writer: Duane Swiercynski
Artist: Pepe Larraz