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For quite some time, it has been reported that Matt Reeves wanted a “Zoë Kravitz-type” to play Catwoman in ‘The Batman’.  Well, I don’t think they get any more like Zoë Kravitz than Zoë Kravitz herself.  Deadline reports that Kravitz has officially signed on for the reboot.  She will star as the famous cat burglar, a.k.a. Selina Kyle, opposite Robert Pattinson, who is making his debut as Batman/Bruce Wayne.  It has been reported that Jonah Hill was negotiating for the role of The Riddler, but it has not been confirmed that he has officially landed the role.  It is also reported that Jeffrey Wright was in negotiations to play Commissioner Gordon.

Kravitz previously provided the voice of Catwoman in 2017’s ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’.  She is also the step-daughter of Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, who is married to Kravitz’s mother Lisa Bonet.  Kravitz previously played another comic book role, Angel, in ‘X-Men: First Class’, and provided the voice of Mary Jane Watson in ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’.


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Among her other notable roles were as Toast the Knowing in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, Leta Lestrange in Warner Brothers’ ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise (alongside Ezra Miller, ‘The Flash’ in DC’s film universe), and Christina in the ‘Divergent’ movies.  (Curiously, Kravitz starred in these YA dystopian movies, while her father, Lenny Kravitz starred in the rival ‘Hunger Games’ series.)  Most recently, she has been seen on the small screen, on HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’ as Bonnie Carlson, and she will headline the cast of the upcoming Hulu series ‘High Fidelity’, based on the 2000 movie of the same name, in which her mother starred.

In addition to Catwoman and The Riddler, ‘The Batman’ is said to include The Penguin, Firefly, The Mad Hatter, and Two-Face.  The Riddler is believed to be the film’s main villain.  The others’ roles are not believed to be very big but they are expected to return in upcoming films (if this one does well, of course).


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Reeves intentionally sought an actor of color to portray Catwoman, and as stated, he was said to have had Kravitz in mind the whole time.  Kravitz will not be the first Catwoman of color, as Eartha Kitt portrayed her in multiple episodes of the ‘Batman’ TV series in the late ’60s, and Halle Berry starred in the 2004 ‘Catwoman’ movie, although that character was named Patience Phillips, not Selina Kyle, and isn’t really considered the same character.  In animation, multi-ethnic Cree Summer voices Catwoman on ‘DC Superhero Girls’– channeling Kitt’s famous growl– and African American Sanaa Lathan will provide her voice on the upcoming series ‘Harley Quinn’.  (Cree Summer co-starred in the live-action ’80s sitcom ‘A Different World’, along with Lisa Bonet, so that’s like… two degrees of separation?)

What do you think of Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman in ‘The Batman’?