The Orville Episodes Will Be 12-15 Minutes Longer With More Bortus Karaoke On Hulu

This summer, it was announced that due to the increased demands of production, ‘The Orville’ was leaving FOX and moving over to Hulu, where the third season would become available in late 2020.  And with this move come other changes.  There will be fewer episodes of Season 3 — 11 episodes (vs. 14 in S2 and 12 in S1) — but these episodes will be longer.

This weekend at New York Comic Con, executive producer and director Jon Cassar stated that the eleven episodes would be about ten minutes longer than the FOX episodes. That means that Season 3 will actually have more content than Season 1.  It may actually be about equal to Season 2, as editor and co-producer Tom Costantino later clarified via Twitter that the new episodes will actually be between 12-15 minutes longer.

So while it was a blow to some fans that ‘The Orville’ wouldn’t be back on regular TV, it seems there are some benefits to switching to a streaming service, which doesn’t have some of the limitations of broadcast television.  The move was made when it was determined that the new season could not be delivered in time to make FOX’s fall schedule or even midseason.  A show can’t just take a season off from a network, but gaps of a year or more are becoming the norm when it comes to streaming, where there are no arbitrary release times like fall or spring.  New streaming shows roll out all year long, offering fans more original entertainment year-round.

As for what fans can expect from Season 3 of ‘The Orville’, Cassar stated:

“There will be space battles, there will definitely be parties, Bortus goes up to the microphone again.”

Bortus’ “My Heart Will Go On” will get an encore?  That alone should be reason to look forward to the new season!

What do you think?  Is ‘The Orville’s switch to Hulu a good move?  Or are you still upset at not being able to view it on FOX for free?



Source: Cinema Blend