‘With ‘X-Files Season 10’ taking its first steps this summer, Philes and geeks alike are wondering if there are more ‘X-Files’ features to be had.

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we got some modicum of answer to that, and it’s the usual fare of “maybe” and “it would be nice”.

Still, it’s the 20th Anniversary of the wildly popular ‘X-Files’, so the question had to be asked, and if the question had to be asked, it had be answered, even if it was answered vaguely.

Gillian Anderson, who we’ve been seen more recently on screens with the immensely popular ‘Hannibal’, stated at the panel that she would be open to the movie, saying that “a film would be great.” This is in addition to David Duchovny’s plea, in past interviews, insisting that fans start a letter writing campaign to get a third movie made. However, when asked about doing an ‘X-Files’ limited series, like ’24: Live Another Day’, Anderson rejected the idea to reprise the role.

As usual, whether or not ‘X3’ will be eventually made remains as mysterious as… well… the X-Files. Still, the story lives on in Season 10, which Sciencefiction.com is reviewing. Chris Carter, the creator of ‘The X-Files’ stated that the comic series has their “own mythology” and is “more comic book-y”, but believes that it “stays true to the characters”.


Source: THR