During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the cast and creative team of ‘Charmed’ discussed the forthcoming season and how the progression of the storyline is similar to the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise.

‘Charmed’ premiered October 14th of last year as a reboot of the popular 90’s series. Aside from the magic encompassing both the ‘Harry Potter’ saga and ‘Charmed’, the show is also progressing towards “darker” connotations like the former. Executive producers Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro, joined by Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery, and Rupert Evans, revealed how they thought about the darker undertones of the season 2 story discussing Macy’s demon side, Harry’s past, and the deeper mythology.


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“We were talking about how ‘Harry Potter’, there are all these chapters,” Kruger states. “Season 1 was the first chapter of the Charmed Ones and in the way that ‘Harry Potter’, the first movie, was an introduction to the world, things got darker as the story progressed, and as you got deeper into mythology and you learned secrets about their past and about the Whitelighters’ past. I think bolting down and digging into new mythology of the demon world, of the magic world, of the Whitelighter world, we’re gonna learn a lot.” This exploration, Shapiro interjected, “opens the door to something much darker.”

“One of the fun things, like ‘Harry Potter’, is that you fall in love with the characters in the beginning, but the characters and the audience begin to realize in Book 3, Movie 3, and in our world here in Season 2 that there’s a lot more going on than they quite realized in the beginning and a whole new world of demons and magic and the structure of how that world is built is all being revealed to them now.”


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Evans, who portrays Whitelighter Harry, also hinted that this will involve his character’s past and Mantock touched on her demonic side saying “you get to see different versions of Macy.”

Season 2, which airs on Friday, October 11th on The CW, will see the Charmed Ones now take over the roles of Elders. Mantock spoke on how their newfound responsibilities effects each sister, who had plans to lead simpler, more human lives after vanquishing the Source of All Evil.


Source: Entertainment Weekly