The ‘Hellboy‘ reboot starring David Harbour has been a commercial and critical flop which makes fans of creator Mike Mignola’s work wonder what might be in store for the future of the franchise. It feels unlikely that the studio would invest in a sequel and bring Harbour back, which means options are limited. There could be another attempt at a reboot or potentially taking the franchise in a different direction.

Specifically, turning it into an ongoing series. With another Dark Horse comic, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ doing well at Netflix it seems that an ongoing series could be a successful vision of the character.

According to Mignola:

“I think so. It’s been discussed, it hasn’t been discussed recently, but I would obviously love that. At this point, there’s twenty-five years worth of Hellboy material, and we’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of any of it being filmed. Also, I think I’ve laid the groundwork for a whole world, and I do it all the time, of new stories set in that Hellboy universe. I would love an outlet for all that material. I don’t know…thank God these decisions are never up to me, and I never pursue these things. I wait for someone to come to me and say ‘We want to do this,’ but I would love to have that conversation.”

Not only could an ongoing series really flesh out the world of the B.P.R.D. but much of the story that has been told at this point has vastly expanded past just Hellboy himself. Of course, one direction could be to also continue this take on ‘Hellboy’ as a live-action series but I’m sure we can almost all agree that another reboot is the more likely option.

Do you feel that an ongoing ‘Hellboy’ series would be the right way to go if the character were to be revisited in live-action format? How long should the franchise hold off on continuing after the latest iteration failed so badly at the box office? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book Movie.