Quite a bit happened when the second season of ‘Gotham‘ came to a close and there was one laugh that stood out which fans have questioned. We’ve just learned that the laugh belonged to Jerome. While Hugo Strange was running all kinds of experiments at Indian Hill, one of them seems to left us with Jerome’s laughter echoing through the end of the episode. Will this mean that The Joker is alive and one of Strange’s experiments? When watching the episode we couldn’t be fully sure it was even Jerome but executive producer Ken Woodruff has confirmed in a recent interview.

While we won’t be seeing the future Joker popping up again at the start of Season 3, Woodruff did state:

“[The laugh] was really to keep [the Joker] alive, to keep Jerome and that threat of the Joker alive. We wanted to make sure fans don’t feel that we’re completely done with [the mythology of the Joker] because we are 100 percent, absolutely not. [But,] it’s not going to be something we delve into right way at the top of the season.”

The third season kicks off with the Mad Hatter as the main villain as well as the slew of characters who we’ve already been introduced to. The end of the season we’ll see Jerome as he starts evolving into Batman’s future nemesis. It’ll be interesting to see how they have the Clown Prince of Crime end up evolving when most of his origin stories don’t have him kicking it off into his particular realm of insanity until Batman is on the scene.

Are you interested in seeing how Jerome is brought back on ‘Gotham’? Do you that his Joker may go down as one of the most iconic performances of the character? Share your thoughts below!

The third season of ‘Gotham’ will premiere on September 19th, 2016.

Sources: Cinema Blend

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