Star Wars Detours

Before Disney bought out Lucasfilm, Seth Green was developed an animated comedy called ‘Star Wars Detours.’ Now, the creator is finally opening up as to exactly what happened to the series, why it stalled, where it was in production, and if there is any chance we could see it return in the future.

According to Green:

“It’s still pretty status quo. My understanding is that the Lucasfilm plan is rooted in new movies and expansive television for the Disney+ platform. And it doesn’t seem right now that they’re pursuing this kind of comedy. It’s a tough thing because the show was created before the sale to Disney, before the plan to make new movies, before the plan to develop a theme park environment, before the concept of a subscription streaming service that housed several offshoots, including an Obi-Wan show or a Mandalorian show. It’s like all of that came post us making these 40 episodes.”


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With 40-episodes in the can, one could hope that the series could eventually see the light of day. Green doesn’t seem hopeful that it will happen but did stress that the idea hasn’t been ruled out:

“So I guess I really don’t know. I think there would have to be such a clear and vocal fan demand to make anybody want to shift their plan. Because right now it doesn’t seem like the company plan includes this kind of deconstructive comedy coexisting with these sincere interpretations of the characters.”

The humor hinted at in this series really doesn’t mesh with the tone from the other animated shows and films that Disney has been releasing so far. However, it could also fit with the mindset of the Lego Star Wars shows that have been released over the years. Only time will tell if this series will ever see the light of day, but I feel it could be a great fit for Disney+ or even DisneyXD.

Would you want to check out ‘Star Wars Detours’? Do you feel that Disney+ or Hulu could be a good way for the series to be released? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Collider