Bojack Horseman

After bringing viewers the best dark, twisted, hilarious and brilliant comedy since 2014, the folks behind Netflix’s ‘Bojack Horseman’ are finally bringing the series to an end, much to the horror and sadness of its many fans. While most of said fans were delighted to see a trailer released for the new season recently, along with news that it will drop on October 25th (the first half at least), few were prepared to learn that this will be the final season for Bojack (unless they’ve been following news stories of late), with the second half of the final Season (premiering January 31, 2020) being the end of the series.


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When you look at the series, though, it had a nice long 6 year run on Netflix, one of the longest for the streaming service, and it will live on in streaming syndication over on Comedy Central as well as on Netflix itself. Plus, one has to appreciate the idea of the show ending while still at the height of its greatness, instead of continuing on and starting to decline in quality (as has happened to SO MANY other animated comedies in the last 20-30 years). Hopefully ‘Bojack’s’ final season, which it was always intended to be and was written to be, will be the perfect cap to the series and will send off its characters in a manner befitting the 6 years of storytelling fans have come to expect from the show.

The final season looks to have Bojack potentially on the way to his emotional and personal redemption after checking into rehab at the end of last season. The trailer is centered around a letter to Diane where he discusses his prior thoughts on thinking life was about being miserable and how he does not want to be that way anymore. Princess Carolyne is struggling to adapt to life as a single mother, not even having time to name her new baby yet, and it looks like Mr. Peanutbutter may be struggling with his own inner demons this season, as someone points out to him that sometimes the people who seem the happiest are just putting on a show, and he realizes he is the happiest person he knows.

Check it all out for yourself below, and feel free to share your thoughts on the trailer, and the news of the final season, in the comments below!