The Rise Of Skywalker Reveals The Adorable Babu Frik

Lucasfilm has revealed the first look at a new alien character from ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’— Babu Frik.  The character was first teased by the reveal of a tiny toy, unveiled on Triple Force Friday.


The toy image gives a clue as to the character’s scale in comparison to the human-sized C-3PO.  In fact, he comes packaged as an accessory with the Black Series C-3PO action figure.

Babu Frik is described as a “tiny Anzellan droidsmith” who “works among the Spice Runners of Kijimi and can reprogram or modify virtually any droid — regardless of the security measures protecting its systems.”

Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO calls him one of his “truly favourite characters.”

Among fans, the general consensus is that Babu Frik is “adorable.”  Then again, cute can be good or bad in the ‘Star Wars’-verse.  Ewoks = Bad.  Porgs = Good.  (I don’t get it, but I stopped trying to understand ‘Star Wars’ fandom a loooooooooong time ago.)

There’s only so much detail you can get onto a toy, especially one so small.  But now, check out how Babu Frik will look in the actual movie:


Kinda looks like one of those cats with the smooshed faces.  I can see a lot of plush toys being sold.

Obviously, at this point, we don’t know anything about this character.  Will he speak?  Or just make noises?

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ will introduce other new characters, including Zorii Bliss (Keri Russell), Jannah (Naomi Ackie), and Boolio, another alien character who was introduced on Triple Force Friday.  The Boolio toy that was revealed was a LEGO Minifigure that comes with the new version of the LEGO Millennium Falcon, so presumably, he’s a good guy.  Zorii Bliss MIGHT be Rey’s mother, but that’s just speculation.  Similarly, Jannah MIGHT be Lando Calrissian’s daughter.  We don’t know, and probably won’t until the movie comes out, or at least until closer to its release.

Well, would you like a Babu Frik toy in your stocking this Christmas?

‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ will Force butts into seats starting on December 20th, 2019!