I was sold on ‘Devil’s Revenge’ the second I saw William Shatner wielding a shotgun on the poster. Not only that, but the story comes to us via ‘Star Trek TNG’ scribe Maurice Hurley. It’s like a little ‘Trek’ reunion, except with a lot more violence and creepier creature effects. Good, bad, or otherwise there is no way I’d pass up the chance to watch Kirk team up with Seven of Nine herself, Jeri Ryan, to take on a bunch of satanic creatures in caves.

When I say caves, I mean real caves. Director Jared Cohn had the cast and crew filming in various real-world locations underground in Kentucky. So, how did this story of a family cursed by the devil come about? What was it like working with the legendary Shatner? Find out in our interview below.


‘Devil’s Revenge’ is set to hit video-on-demand services on October 1st.