Exclusive Interview: The UFO Bros. Talk Travel Channel's 'Raiding Area 51'

There’s been a lot of talk about civilians making a physical push to get into Area 51. This conspiracy theory-laden site is more formally known as Homey Airport. The highly secretive United States Air Force base has long been rumored to house alien species and spacecraft. We may finally be at the tipping point where the truth will come out.

The latest effort for true believers to get into Area 51 has been the subject of a new show on the Travel Channel. ‘Storming Area 51’ will follow the efforts of the UFO Bros: Joe and Emmett Hayes. The brothers will travel from Northern California to Nevada as they document allure and the pandemonium surrounding the site. We had the chance to speak to the brothers. Check out the interview below!


‘Storming Area 51’ will premiere on Sunday, September 29th 10 PM EST/PST.