Devil's Revenge Brings Together Star Trek's William Shatner And Jeri Ryan

I’m sure if you heard that William Shatner and Jeri Ryan would be acting together soon you might guess it was for ‘Star Trek: Picard’ or another “Star Trek” series. That isn’t the case though as the two are pairing up for the new horror thriller ‘Devil’s Revenge’ which has just released a trailer! In this film, we’ll see the two “Star Trek” alum joined by Jason Brooks, Ciara Hanna, Jackie Dallas, and Annmarie Giaquinto. ‘Devil’s Revenge’ is directed by Jared Cohn and is set to be released just in time for Halloween with a direct-to-video and video-on-demand release.

Shatner and Ryan aren’t the only “Star Trek” connection this movie will have as it was written by Maurice Hurley who was the head writer and producer for the first two ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ seasons.

The details are scarce, but we do have the movie synopsis:

A down-on-his-luck archaeologist returns from a cave expedition that contains a cursed relic that’s also a portal to Hell. He discovers that the only way to stop the curse on his family is to go back to the cave and destroy the relic.

“Welcome to Hell” in the ‘Devil’s Revenge’ trailer which you can view right here:

Yes, this looks like a B-movie that you would just as likely find late at night on Syfy, but the Trekkie in me is making me want to check this one out!

Not only is the trailer out but the film’s poster and a gallery of stills have also been released which you can see below!

What did you think of the first trailer for ‘Devil’s Revenge’? Do you have any interest in checking this movie out? Is this at all how you thought these two “Star Trek” actors would end up sharing screen time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Devil’s Revenge’ is coming to your favorite Video on Demand services on October 1st, 2019!