This is a good weekend for Sony. Not only has the studio seen the opening of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ breaking Asian box office records, but now comes the news that ‘Men in Black 3’ has become the highest grossing movie in the ‘Men in Black’ franchise.

Since May 25th, ‘Men in Black 3’ has grossed close to $600 million worldwide surpassing the numbers earned by ‘Men in Black’ and ‘Men in Black 2.’ The original ‘MIB’ earned $589.4 back in 1997 while ‘MIB2’ earned $441.9 in 2002.

Ironically although the movie’s international gross was impressive ($429.8 million), here in the US, the film had the lowest domestic gross of the three movies in the franchise only earning $169.6 million in its release so far.

Currently ‘Men in Black 3’ is the number 3 film grossing $37.6 million since its release 5 weeks ago in Japan and earning the number 2 spot in the UK with $29.7 million.

This is good news for Sony as the possibly of a fourth installment of the franchise has been tossed around by the studio. With these numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea has already been green lit. Are you ready for a ‘Men in Black 4?’

Source: THR