Michonne On 'The Walking Dead' Season

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead‘ showrunner Angela Kang isn’t messing around when teasing what we can expect for Danai Gurira in her last season playing Michonne on the series. Viewers were floored to hear that this fan-favorite would be departing during Season 10. We’re still not sure if it is for good, if she’ll spin off into her own show, or potentially even to head over to ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ but with Gurira’s growing career in feature films it feels unlikely that she’ll be continuing on the franchise itself in any major capacity after this season.

While the actress is about to be departing from ‘The Walking Dead,’ we did see a spark of romance between Michonne and Ezekiel in the previous season finale which hints that they’re beginning to follow their comic story arc. Of this particular plot, Kang shared that “I feel like there’s not much I can say about it without spoiling some major story points. I’ll just say that these are emotional times for our characters and things happen, and the story will take an interesting turn.”


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As to fans of the comic which have been wanting these two to get together from Day 1? “The shippers don’t mess around. “I mean, basically anything we do that’s in the romantic realm — even if it’s not the romantic realm like two people are just together in a scene — there’s going to be people who are angry or really happy or kind of happy but angry at the same time.”

Kang lightly commented on the big reveal from the trailer as well, likely with a smile on her face. Yes, we’re talking about Michonne not picking up her sword but Lucille in the exact way that Negan would have:

“I cannot really say much about that. Just please watch. We know that this is Danai’s final season and there’s going to be some really cool epic s—, is what I can say.”

It is hard to tell if this is going to put Michonne in a more villainous role, a temporary leader role, or something else entirely. You also can’t help but wonder how Negan himself is going to react with someone else handling Lucille. While on the surface he has changed, it seems quite feasible that with Lucille back in the picture, he might revert to more of his former persona.

Are you looking forward to seeing what the “epic s—” they have planned for Michonne in her final season on ‘The Walking Dead’ is? Do you have any guesses what her wielding Lucille could mean for the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘ The Walking Dead’ returns to infect AMC with our last season to spend time with Danai Gurira’s Michonne on October 6th, 2019!


Source: Entertainment Weekly