The Walking Dead

When the title of a show is ‘The Walking Dead’, viewers should be used to saying goodbye to characters, but every so often, the show deals fans a major blow by writing off one of the program’s main stars.  The tenth season won’t be any different, as Danai Gurira has made it known that she and her role, Michonne Hawthorne, will be exiting at some point in the coming batch of episodes.  At this point, it is not known whether her character will be killed off (like Glen) or simply written out of the story (like Maggie and Rick).  And no one is likely to know what happens until it happens.


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In August, Gurira discussed her departure and shared that she had faith in the writers to send her off the right way.  As she told the Los Angeles Times:

“I know nothing. But what I will say in my know-nothingness, the great thing about this show is they are very, very, fantastic at creating great structure for everyone’s story.  I was in a room where they have all the pictures of people who have left the show, and everyone’s exit has been so specific and really resonate in its own, very original way. And so there was no exception to that in my case, I’m very thankful for that. And I was allowed to be a collaborator. But they created a very, very, very sound structure of how Michonne exits, which I was very thankful for.”

Showrunner Angela Kang revealed to TV Line that Michonne’s upcoming storyline “showcases her leadership and strength, and her love for her people and her family.” She further added, “I’m excited to have the audience see Danai’s work during this last arc on the show, because she’s just amazing. She brings so much to every episode she’s in.”

At San Diego Comic-Con, Kang stated:

“I think for all of us on the writing side, we take that responsibility really seriously.  This is a character that’s important to us, important to the fans. In the same way when we were working on an exit for Andy, we approached it with the same level of seriousness and wanting to do right by this incredible actress as well as the story. I hope we haven’t screwed it up.”

Get ready to say goodbye, as AMC has announced that ‘The Walking Dead’ will return on Sunday, October 6th at 10pm EST.