It seems the Darhk family just cannot stay out of the Arrowverse over on the CW. After terrorizing Star City during ‘Arrow’ Season 4, Damien Darhk met his end at the hands of Oliver Queen, but it was not long before the Reverse Flash plucked Damien Darhk from the timeline to bring him into the Legion of Doom to help him in his plan against to alter the timeline in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2. Fortunately, that season ended with Damien being put back into his rightful place in the timeline, which might have ended things, if not for the fact that we now have confirmation from Entertainment Weekly that ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has just cast Courtney Ford to play the daughter of Damien Darhk during ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 3.

The only details we have on her character so far is her name, Eleanor, and the fact that she is charming and smart, but also has an “otherworldly creepiness,” which could mean she has inherited some of the supernatural talents of her father. It is also being said that she has an ability to manipulate people in unusual ways, though whether that’s just a personality trait or an actual power we do not yet know. Ford herself is no stranger to the genre or the CW, as she was recently seen on ‘Supernatural,’ has appeared on HBO’s ‘True Blood,’ and is probably best know for her work on ‘Dexter’ as Quinn’s reporter girlfriend.

As for Damien Darhk himself, it is being reported that the show’s writers apparently have a “fun” way of bringing the man back yet again (no one stays dead in the ‘Arrowverse’ apparently), so clearly there will be a father/daughter reunion at some point, with them gearing up for some revenge against the Legends, or maybe Oliver Queen (maybe a cross-over episode?). Either way, the Legends will have plenty to deal with this season as they attempt to fix all the time paradoxes caused by last year’s finale, and with so many cast members indicating that Season 3 will feel very different, it could mean another step up for ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ which grew a lot between Seasons 1 and 2.

What do you think of the show casting Damien Darhk’s daughter and bringing the man back from the dead again? Are we tired of the character? Or do we like him enough to justify all of these appearances? Share your opinion in the comments below!