Believe it or not, we are just about one month away from the Season 2 premiere of HBO’s ‘Westworld,’ and a lot of folks, including myself, are very excited to see the show return for its sophomore season. HBO is clearly aware of the cult following the show garnered over the course of its phenomenal first season and has been doing its best to build up hype for the second season, the latest of which is releasing photos from Season 2 setting up some characters and plotlines for the upcoming season.

You can check them all out below (and one above) for yourself. Most of the cast is featured in the photos, even some members who we were not sure survived Season 1 such as head of security Stubbs, and some new characters such as the new human played by Fares Fares. Returning characters including Bernard, seen alone and then with a group of humans (including Stubbs), hinting that he might still pretend to be ‘human’ while in mixed company, Delores seen in a field alone and also riding horseback with Teddy, who may or may not be too comfortable with her now that she has fully embraced the Wyatt within, photos of Angela the host herald of Wyatt, and of course we get two photos of William (aka The Man in Black), the first showing him a little battered looking to be right after he survived the massacre that ended Season 1, the second photo showing him surrounded by bodies, potentially up to more of his old tricks. We also get a photo of Hector, and hopefully his role will be expanded this season now that he can be a real bad-ass and not just part of one of the storylines, Maeve in two photos, one alone and the other with the writer Sizemore, who may or may not be helping her find her host “daughter,” and lastly a shot of Charlotte the Delos exec stuck in the park.

All in all, it is just nice to see a peek into the new season, and it does go a long way toward getting me excited for what is to come and remind me of everything that happened in Season 1. As for new theories, I can’t glean anything just yet from these photos (though I’ll be examining them more thoroughly as the season gets closer), but if you spotted anything, make sure to share your findings and any theories that come from them in the comments section below!