The Mandalorian

We’ve seen pictures and posters, but none of them will prepare you for the trailer for ‘The Mandalorian’, the first-ever ‘Star Wars’ live-action TV series, which arrives when Disney+ arrives on November 12.

Allow me to preface this a bit, but I have a female friend who didn’t grow up around a lot of boys, so she’d never seen any ‘Star Wars’ movies, so one snowy weekend, she decided to watch them all.  Afterward, she asked, “What’s the deal with Boba Fett?  Why’s he so popular?  He’s only in the movies for like five minutes.”  I didn’t really have an answer beyond, “I guess, because he looks cool.”  In fact, growing up, Boba Fett and all of the bounty hunters from ‘Empire’ seemed incredibly cool, even though Boba Fett was the only one who did ANYTHING.  The rest just stood there in that one scene.

That changes with ‘The Mandalorian’.  Though it isn’t confirmed, many strongly feel that the lead character (Pedro Pascal) actually IS Boba Fett.  (It seems he will only be referred to as “The Mandalorian.”)  And in the first trailer, we get to see him kick all kinds of ass!  And not just him, as the spindly droid IG-88, also from ‘Empire’ actually gets to do something to, like shoot two guns at the same time, one of which is behind his back!

Not only that, but we get some great shots of the cast, which also includes Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, and Giancarlo Esposito.  Nearly everything in this trailer LOOK great.  Here’s hoping it’s not just eye candy, when the series actually premiers.


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Check it out below:

‘The Mandalorian’ is set on the darker side of the ‘Star Wars’ mythos (not to be confused with the Dark Side), which is kind of great.  I mean, aren’t we ready for ‘Star Wars’ characters to… like, shut up and shoot stuff?

‘The Mandalorian’ will premiere when Disney+ launches on November 12.  It will not be released all at once, but rather one episode a week.

Does the trailer make you more (or less) likely to sign up?