The Mandalorian

Are the days of binging new series over?  It seems that way, as more and more streaming services have drifted away from dumping entire new seasons at one time, choosing instead to dole episodes out one-per-week like the primitive savages of network television.  It seems to happen more with higher-profile projects.  CBS All Access goes the once-a-week route with ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’DC Universe employs the same strategy with all of its shows.  And recently, Hulu did the same with its crime drama ‘The Act’.


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Now it has been announced that Disney+ will do the same with ‘The Mandalorian’, the new ‘Star Wars’ live-action series that hails from executive producer/writer Jon Favreau.  This show is one of the major attractions that Disney is hoping will woo subscribers.  This strategy makes sense because most streaming services offer people a free trial period to test it out.  If entire seasons were made available at once, there’s nothing to stop people from signing up for the free trial, then binge-watching the entire show, and canceling the service immediately after.

Entertainment Weekly made this announcement via Twitter:


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‘The Mandalorian’ looks to be the only original genre series that will be available when Disney+ launches in November, as the similar Marvel shows won’t be ready on time.  (‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ is expected to arrive within Disney+’s first year.)  So there is a lot riding on this show’s shoulders as the majority of Disney+’s other original programming (actually, almost all of its existing programming) will be targeted at children and families.  The ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel stuff is there to attract adults who may or may not have kids.

‘The Mandalorian’ stars Pedro PascalGina Carano, and Carl Weathers.  Disney+ launches on November 12 of this year.