Doug Jones

It appears that original Abe Sapien actor Doug Jones (‘The Shape of Water‘, ‘What We Do in the Shadows‘) was offered a cameo spot in the reboot of ‘Hellboy‘ but had to turn it down. This wasn’t the case of being loyal to his friend Guillermo del Toro either but purely a scheduling issue. With how poorly the reboot did at the box office and with critics, you could say that he dodged a bullet from not being able to appear in it.


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As Jones tells it, “There was a chance that a cameo might have happened, but not as things progressed.” He went on to further share in detail that it was his filming schedule for another genre series which prevented him from starring in the film:

“Reboot means recasting, and I’m told this first reboot does not have anybody in it from the original film. I received an offer to do a cameo, but I was deeply immersed in Star Trek: Discovery when that offer came in, so I couldn’t do it.”

At the time, Jones was busy playing Lt. Saru on the CBS All Access series to be able to pop in for filming on ‘Hellboy.’ An appearance by Jones likely wouldn’t have been as a new Abe Sapien, and for many fans, they possibly wouldn’t have even recognized the actor if he had a cameo. Jones is known to work more with his body and is often featured in full makeup while playing something supernatural in nature. It is likely that this is how he would have been included in the ‘Hellboy’ reboot instead of portraying a human and showing off his own face.

Who knows, maybe we will see him return for the rumored ‘Hellboy’ television series.

Do you wish that Doug Jones had appeared in the ‘Hellboy’ reboot or do you feel he got off lucky but not having his name attached to it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Cinema Blend